Fuzor is a next generation VDC solution for the construction industry which provides VR, Coordination, Collaboration, 4D construction simulation, 5D cost tracking and much more. Load in Navisworks, P6, and microsoft project schedules or create it directly in Fuzor. Plan construction site logistics with vehicle and worker simulations. Animations that used to take you hours or days can be done in a few clicks. Walk around the 4D sequence in VR, see BIM information of each element in real-time and minimize possible delays before construction begins.

Our major breakthrough technology is bi-directional synchronization to Revit, ArchiCAD and Rhino. Best of all, Fuzor offers an Integrated Design Environment for AEC professionals to provide seamless workflow. Combine your Revit, Sketchup, FBX and other file types in Fuzor to experience your full model in 2D, 3D and virtual reality. Customize Fuzor to your workflow preference and deliver high quality designs.For further information, please visit www.kalloctech.com

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