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Kalloc Studios released the first mobile game "RUNELORE"

On September 20, 2010, Kalloc Studis Inc., a pre-eminet technology specialist and game developer released the first mobile game “Runelore” on the App Store and Android Marketplace. The price for paid version is USD 1.99. The free version “Runelore Lite” is available for download freely. It is an innovative hybrid between arcade shooters and gem based puzzlers filled with eye catching visuals.

Kalloc Studios is excited about releasing the first mobile game to bring excellent gaming experience to mobile phone users.

“We are pleased to release our first mobile game to provide fantastic mobile game experience to millions of phone users. A lot of effort has been put to design “Runelore”, we did it from scratch to ensure a unique and innovative puzzle game is brought to phone users. Unlike traditional puzzle games, we combine the elements of arcade shooters and puzzle games to create an innovative fast-paced puzzle game. We hope to bring a totally new and unexpected gaming experience to phone users. Besides the gameplay, designers have conducted in-depth research for the theme of the game, they finally get inspired by some fantasy books. A dazzling and attractive magic world is created. We are confident of attracting a lot of phone users.” said Grace Wong, Assistant Project Manager of Kalloc Studios.

“As you explore the world of Runelore, you will experience an interesting blend of fast pace action and thought provoking puzzles. Inspired by the fantasy books you grew up with, Runelore will have you solving puzzles while unleashing dazzling spells; fireballs, tidal waves, and leaf filled gusts. Get ready for one of the most unique and innovative games you have played.” said Bobby Garza, Game Designer of Kalloc Studios.

Full features of “RUNELORE”
  • 3 Seperate Gameplay Modes
  • 24 Unique Levels – Levels range from mind bending puzzles to twitch reflex adrenaline sessions
  • 7 Dazzling Spells and Power Ups – Gain these as you aquire experience and level up
  • Local Leaderboards – Easily track how your score compares to your friends
Features of free version “RUNELORE LITE”
  • 2 Seperate Gameplay Modes
  •  6 Unique Levels
  •  2 Dazzling Spells
  •  Local Leaderboards

RUNELORE is available worldwide for USD 1.99 on the App Store on iphone, iPod Touch and Android phones.

iTune Link: http://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/runelore/id389932660?mt=8
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Runelore/150499418318643
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM8ljtSTZBg
Website: www.kallocstudio.com.hk

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